DS Tip of the Week: Lovely Layering

Design is all about different dimensions, and creating illusions.  Whether it’s fashion, visual art, or interior design–one of the easiest ways to create some contrast and dimension is through layering.

Sounds easy enough right–but do you really understand WHY layering works so well?

It’s time for another Steinhafels #DecoratingSolutions Tip of the Week!  This week Vernon Hills-based Decorating Solutions interior designer Brian Mueller breaks down why layering is so important.

Brian explains, “Layering is key.  If you have light floors or carpet in a room and want a lighter sofa, you need to ground it with a darker area rug and then do a lighter sofa, darker pillows, and so on.  On the flip side, if you have darker floors you would want to do a lighter area rug and darker sofa, lighter pillows, etc.  This will create contrast and balance in a room.”



That’s all for now!  Check in next week for another #DSTipOfTheWeek.

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