Blood Donation: As Easy As Walking Outside The Office

OK, so the title of this blog is a little misleading. Giving blood isn’t easy… but the cool part is that almost anyone can do it–and possibly save a life. Now THAT’S pretty awesome to think about.

Steinhafels wants to say thanks to all of our employees who took the time to donate blood today. We know that it’s no small task, and we truly appreciate it.

The statistics are staggering. Every 3 seconds someone needs blood. EVERY 3 SECONDS!!


The BloodCenter of Wisconsin is dedicated to gathering life-saving blood daily… both at the center’s offices on Wisconsin Ave, and through community events like the annual blood drive at the Steinhafels Corporate store.

As we mentioned before, MOST people can give blood. Some of the reasons you may not be able to donate are Medication, Travel, Pregnancy, and Tattoos–but even those have exceptions! Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns or questions.



We spoke to a couple employees about why they decided to give blood. Accent Furniture Buyer Jenny Kordus is a long-time donor, and always takes part in the Steinhafels Blood Drive. She explains, “It’s easy to do and hopefully someone benefits from it. There’s no reason not to when it’s right in the parking lot!”


Merchandise Planner Amy Bullermann is a little newer to the blood-giving game. She makes a very good point. “You just think at one point you might need blood or someone in your family, so it feels good to help someone else.”

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and thanks again for making Steinhafels such a great place to work. It truly is the people who make it great.

Check out Jimmy, one of our featured blood donors from last year… back at it!


Steinhafels Blood Drive: Stuff That Bus!!

The majority of our time at Steinhafels is spent selling furniture–from Corporate, to Warehouse, to Sales, to Customer Service.  We all have one main goal, and that is to provide a quality product and quality service to our customers.

However, on Thursday, June 30 we all have the chance to team up for a different cause–saving lives!  Steinhafels is hosting a blood drive from 2-7 p.m. in partnership with the BloodCenter of Wisconsin.  And we’re not talking a boring old clinic…The BloodCenter’s new Mobile Bus will be onsite at our Corporate Store in Waukesha.

Blood Drive Bus Summer 2016

We know that donating blood can be intimidating, but if you are medically able, and are available that day, we would love to have you sign up.  You can make an appointment online, or contact Meg Cerwin in Human Resources at

Here is some basic info about donating blood through the BloodCenter:

-BloodCenter of Wisconsin is a non-profit, Wisconsin based independent blood center.

-Blood is used by a variety of patients including adults and children fighting cancer, those undergoing surgery, premature babies, and victims of trauma.

-Donating blood is a safe, simple process that takes about an hour.

-One blood donation may save up to 3 lives.

-One in every 7 people will need blood sometime in their life, but only 1 in 20 people will give.  One in 5 we know will need a transfusion.

-BloodCenter of Wisconsin is the only supplier of blood to over 57 community hospitals, representing 62% of the state’s population in 29 counties!

There are just 40 slots available, and with our recent growth, there’s really no excuse why Steinhafels can’t ‘Stuff that Bus’.  Have a friend or family member who wants to come donate?  The blood drive is open to the public, so feel free to sign them up!!

Blood donation means something different to everyone.  For some, it’s a duty, and a way to help the community.  For others, blood donation has had a deep impact on their lives–either through a family member or a close friend.  Here are some words from Steinhafels employees who have given in the past, and plan to donate again this year.

Dawn Hinz:  Mickey’s Story


It’s hard to convey the unbelievable difference your donation can make.  But I’ll try.

On February 21, 2008, my nephew Mickey passed away of AML – acute myelogenous leukemia.  He was 13.

He battled his cancer for 20 months with more courage and grace than you can even imagine.  The cancer didn’t win, Mickey triumphed over it.  He was an absolutely amazing kid, very funny and very kind.  He kept his focus on others around him, not on all the terrible suffering he was going through.

After the first round of chemo (five months in the hospital), the cancer came back.  His only hope at that point was a bone marrow transplant.  Even though a donor was found, getting the transplant still required many months of preparation and an unbelievable amount of blood transfusions.

Thankfully, the blood was there.  He got everything he needed to have the transplant done.

The transplant ultimately failed, and we lost him.  But the fact that the blood was there and the transfusions were given gave Mickey and our family the priceless gift of a little more time:  Time to fly out and visit in the precious few months he was in remission.  Time for him to go back to school for half a semester and be with his friends.  And, at the very end, a little more time to be there together as a family in time to say goodbye.

Please consider donating blood on June 30th.  You have no way of knowing the miracles your gift will bring.  But I can promise you that your gift will be utterly priceless to some family, somewhere.

Meg Cerwin

When my now-grown children were young, their pediatrician was a regular donor as well as a bone marrow donor, and he was my initial inspiration for donating blood and joining the bone marrow registry.  As a young mom, it seemed I was constantly aware of struggling families.  Families facing life-threatening illnesses or serious accidents, parents dealing with terrifying futures that I couldn’t even imagine.  My husband Steve and I were blessed with three healthy children, and I knew that donating blood was the least I could do to ‘pay it forward’ and perhaps help one of those struggling families to breathe easier.

There is no substitute for human blood.  No ‘reasonable facsimile’ can be administered during a crisis.  I pray that if my children, or now grandchildren, should ever be in need of

blood, the supply will be there, donated by some unseen stranger also ‘paying it forward’.

Ben Schrader

I’m AB+, so lot’s of people can use it.  Needles and blood don’t freak me out, and I have an excessive iron disease that runs in my family, but so long as I give blood, I don’t need to worry about it.  I also want to set a good example for others, and I understand the importance my blood can be to another person in need.

Andrew Steinhafel

Apparently my blood type is the most common type, so it is in high demand and there’s a good chance it will be put to use and help someone!  Personally, I wish I could donate more often, but the Steinhafel’s blood drive ensures that I will donate at least once a year. I see it as a way of paying it forward, just in case I’m even in need of a transfusion, hopefully others donate as well and I’ll be set.

Do you have a story you’d like to share?  Email Stephanie at  We’d love to share your story on this blog!!

Now, a little more about that big bus!

The bus features the latest touch screen technology and comfortable standing room for even our 6’5 donors.  It is equipped with two interview rooms and four donor beds, televisions, a cage, and a waiting area for donors.  It also offers a lighted canopy to protect you from the rain and snow as you enter the bus.  You can’t miss it, as it features patients who remind all of us why blood donation is so very important.