Teamwork Through the Tummy!

We’ve all heard the saying “The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach.”  Well, the same can often be said for our co-workers.

Here at Steinhafels we are all about family, and families are all about food.  Most days you can find some sort of random communal offering on a table or counter in our offices–cake, cookies, bagels, chips, dips, pizza–you name it, we’ve got it!

So it’s no surprise that our staff in Appleton took it to the next level, and held a Chili Contest!

appleton chili cookoff nov2016 ONE

Sales Manager Susanne Stilwell first got the pot simmering for the idea.  She explains, “In the summer we had a potluck, and people liked exchanging recipes.. and chili came up, but of course in the summertime that’s not what you think about.”

But it’s perfect for the fall!

So the store held a Chili Contest for any employees interested in entering.  As you can imagine, it was a great success, and even helped with team building.  Susanne says, “It brings everybody together and gets them to talk about something other than work.  And you might recognize one of your sales co-worker competitors on the floor as a real person.”

appleton chili cookoff nov2016 TWO

It’s also great to see this team-building activity at the newest market to join the Steinhafels family!  The team plans to bring the contest back next year, and make it an annual event.

Some of the entries even got prizes!  Here’s a list of the lucky winners.

-Meatiest Chili (Cyndi VanLanen)

appleton chili cookoff nov2016 FIVE

-Best Overall Chili (Julianne Kanugh)

appleton chili cookoff nov2016 THREE

-Spiciest Chili (Sarah Chaignot)

appleton chili cookoff nov2016 SIX

-Wimpiest Chili (Nancy Sargent)

appleton chili cookoff nov2016 FOUR

Are you hungry yet?  The temps are falling and it’s prime season for comfort food… and fellowship.  If you didn’t take a prize this time, you’ll have plenty of time to practice during these cold, winter months.