DS Tip Of The Week: Express Yourself Through Your Walls

One way to promote relaxation and inspiration in the home is through art. Art is an expression of oneself – everyone sees something different when they view art.

This week’s Steinhafels #DecoratingSolutions Tip of the Week comes to us from Devin Bagdassian, an interior decorator based in our Waukesha store. As Devin points out, art brings an added dimension to a room, and creates visual interest.


She explains, “I love to create focal walls and do the unexpected with a blank wall. Try layering art – people do not expect this look, and it’s a great conversation starter. Don’t be afraid to combine a big clock and art, or multiple pieces together. Design should be fun and playful and should speak to YOU. Have fun designing!”


Go ahead – express yourself through the art on your walls! We post a quick and easy decor tip each Monday. Check in next week for another #DSTipOfTheWeek.


Boot Camp, Steinhafels Style!

We all know the feeling.  You wake up in the morning and you KNOW you should work out, but you have to take care of the kids, walk the dog, make the lunches–it just doesn’t always happen.  You tell yourself you will work out after work, but by the time you get home the family needs dinner, the kids need help with homework, you need to do laundry, or your friends want to meet up.  At this point you tell yourself you will work out tomorrow… and once tomorrow comes the cycle starts ALL OVER again!

Here at Steinhafels, we understand employees have busy lives outside of work with family and friends.  We also know the importance of doing all we can to help our employees lead healthy, balanced lives.  This is why we offer a comprehensive Wellness Program for all medical plan participants.  Our Wellness Program includes an onsite gym and seasonal Boot Camp sessions.

Today, we’d like to focus on Boot Camp.  For some, Boot Camp has a negative connotation of a drill sergeant instructor who works participants to the bone while showing no mercy!  At Steinhafels, we try to offer a boot camp that is convenient and comfortable for our employees.  And now that the weather is improving we get to “camp” outside!

Steinhafels Boot Camp starts right after the work day, so participants don’t have time to go home and get relaxed or distracted by other chores and commitments.  It’s fast-paced and all over by 6 o’clock, so participants can get home to their families.  Instructor Jenna Marcotte is tough, but she truly cares about her “campers.”  Jenna is also a wife and mom, and lives in the Milwaukee area.  We asked her a few questions about what it’s like to teach Boot Camp at Steinhafels.

jenna pic

Steinhafels:  First off, tell us a little bit about your personal training experience?

Jenna:  My name is Jenna Marcotte and I am the bootcamp instructor here at Steinhafels.  I have been in the fitness industry for 11 years. I have a degree in Exercise Management from the University of WI-Eau Claire.  I worked at a Women’s Health Club outside of Boston for 5 years where I was a personal trainer, small group instructor, and taught weight training classes.  I have taught Boot Camp classes for the last 6 years at various places and have trained private clients as well.  I am certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Steinhafels:  What is Boot Camp, and why is it such a good workout?


Jenna:  Boot Camp is a circuit style class that incorporates both strength and cardio-type exercises to keep the heart pumping and help build muscle at the same time.  Anyone can do it because I always give exercise modifications for different abilities or injuries.  It’s a great way to help people lose weight and gain strength!


Steinhafels:  Why do you like teaching bootcamp, and what do you hope people get out of it?

Jenna:  I love teaching boot camp because it’s fun to help people push themselves farther than they would push themselves, and I get to help them work towards their personal goals. Everyone has a great time together, and it’s nice to be able to help relieve stress after a busy work day.

Steinhafels:  Do you primarily work with Corporate Wellness Programs?  Why are Wellness Programs so important?


Jenna:  This is actually the only Corporate Wellness Program I am doing now.  I have a 2 year old and a 10 month old that keep me busy.  Wellness Programs are very important because  they offer employees an easy way to stay healthy at work.  Many people work long, stressful hours and the body and mind need exercise as an outlet.  This helps people stay out of doctor’s offices and lowers insurance costs.

Steinhafels:  What do you like most about the Steinhafels Boot Camp?


Jenna:  The relationships with the people!  I have had many of the same boot campers over the last 4 years and they are my friends now.

Don’t just take Jenna’s word for it.  Here’s what a few employee participants have to say about Steinhafels Boot Camp!


Anne:  I love boot camp for many reasons.  I like the group workout for a change of routine.  I have also gotten to know a lot of people from different parts of the workplace.  For me, it is more challenging and pushes me more to work out with a group of people who are also pushing themselves.  It can be very challenging at times, but we’re all in it together!

Amanda:  Jenna is a great motivator.  Her coaching and encouragement provide me with a much better workout than I could achieve on my own.  Even when you think you’ve held your plank as long as you possibly can, she gets 10 more seconds out of you–10 seconds you didn’t even know you had in you!  It’s fun to hang out with coworkers outside of the office, and I love that every class is unique.  We never know Jenna has in store for us other than a tough workout!

Amy:  Boot Camp is a good stress reliever at end of the day.  In addition to helping us stay in shape with exercise, Jenna also provides us with some nutritional tips.  It’s also a great way to get to know and maintain relationships with co-workers.

Judy:  I love boot camp as it is tailored to all ages and physical ability.  People may exercise, but if you are not doing it correctly it is not as beneficial.  Jenna guides you without making you feel foolish.  If this 62 year old lady do can do it, anyone can!